Seers upset over non-inclusion

The voices of protests emerge strongly against BJP leadership over the treatment meted out to seers, writes Mudit Mathur

Ayodhya seers were upset over the government decision to neglect leaders of temple movement in the newly announced Ram temple trust. The voices of protests emerged strongly against BJP leadership over the treatment meted to seers who led temple movement. They convened meeting of saints protesting government’s decision over non-inclusion of Ayodhya seers, who led the movement all these years but later postponed after the assurance of Home Minister Amit Shah.

Mani Ram Das Ji Ki Chhawni had been epicenter temple movement and its 82 years Mahant Nritya Gopal Das is president of the VHP-led Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, a determined body committed to build Ram temple. The seers had recommended his name as their representative in the trust but the government did not accede to it.

Most aggrieved by government’s decision, Nritya Gopal Das, led the protests against exclusion of those who spearheaded the decades-old Ram temple movement. He summoned an emergency meeting of sadhus and scheduled a press conference at 5pm on February 6, 2020, but at the last moment Home Minister Amit Shah assurance saved the day. He assured that they would also find place in the trust as presently they are facing trial in demolition case that is likely to be over by next month.

Ayodhya MLA Ved Prakash Gupta, who along with other local leaders badly treated and denied entry in the Mani Ram Chawni by the agitated seers, “We have managed to pacify Mahant Nirtya Gopal Das after I arranged his teleconferencingwith Union home minister Amit Shah. Three posts have left vacant in the trust to adjust Mahant Das,” he claimed.

The successor to Mahant Nritya Gopal Das, Kamal Nayan Das told Tehelka that Vaishnav Samaj had been ignored and the trust is not acceptable in present form. He alleged that despite contesting assembly election on BSP ticket, political people like Bimalendra Mohan Pratap Mishra were inducted in the trust and those who spearheaded and sacrificed for Ram temple movement were sidelined by the government.

Mahant Suresh Das of Digambar Akhara also expressed dissatisfaction and opposed non-inclusion of Ayodhya seers in thetrust. “Where are those who fought for the Ram temple?” he questioned.

Ayodhya seers are not ready to accept explanation given for non-inclusion of Nyas president Nritya Gopal Das and VHP vice-president Champat Rai on account of pending criminal trial in the Babri mosque demolition case. They say if this is the reason then how Kalyan Singh and Uma Bharti were inducted on the post of Governor and Union minister.