Rs 45 crores funding for Divisional Commissioners to combat corona virus calamity

Maharashtra State executive committee has decided to provide Rs. 45 crores to divisional commissioners for utilising it for the affected districts to combat situation arising out of outbreak of Corona virus. The fund is provided from state disaster response fund.

Konkan division will be provided with Rs. 15 crores, Pune division is provided with Rs. 10 crores while Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad and Nashik divisions will be given Rs. 5 crores each to prevent spread of Corona virus (Covid19).

The fund of Rs. 45 crores is sanctioned for the divisional commissioners from state so that it can be spent for combating Corona virus spread. The measures include setting up quarantine wards, providing for temporary accommodation, providing for food, clothing, medical treatment, collecting samples as well as helping for screening, contact tracing, formation of additional testing laboratories. It also includes expenditure of personal protection measures for employees of the health department as well as that of local bodies, fire brigade and police department in addition to that of ventilators, air purification machines, thermal scanners and other equipment.