Rotomac owner Vikram Kothari, son Rahul arrested in Rs.3,695 crore loan default case

sY2O0cq3lCUuSzAPPFCW_2018_02_21CBI has arrested Rotomac pen owner Vikram Kothari and his son Rahul on February 22 in the Rs.3,695 crore bank loan default case.

According to reports, Kothari and son Rahul, who were called by the CBI at the agency headquarters for questioning were not cooperating in the investigation that led to their arrest.

The agency brought father-duo son to Delhi on February 21 but will be taken to Lucknow to be produced before a special court to seek remand. Kothari was questioned at his Kanpur residence all these while.

Reports say, a consortium of seven nationalised banks has given bank loans worth Rs.2,919 crore from 2008 onwards to c, the CBI FIR has alleged.

The amount swelled to Rs 3,695 crore, including the accrued interest, because of repeated defaults on payment, the officials said.