Rahul  Gandhi arrives in Lok Sabha along with his mother Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, whose Lok Sabha membership was restored earlier in the day, arrived in Lok Sabha along with his mother Sonia Gandhi and several party members.

He arrived inside Lok Sabha chamber much before 12 p.m., the time till which the House had been adjourned earlier in the morning.

Rahul Gandhi’s entry inside the House was led by Congress leaders, who could be seen chanting slogans: “Jodo Jodo Bharat Jodo!”

He was kissed by his mother as soon as he took his seat, even as several members from the opposition, including BSP MP Danish Ali along with leaders from Samajwadi Party, NCP, DMK, Trinamool Congress and several others went up to his seat and greeted him.

As soon as the House reconvened, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey raised an issue of a news organisation reportedly receiving Chinese aid, citing a news report.

At this moment, BJP MPs started shouting slogans “Congress China Bhai Bhai!” and even the Congress and other opposition members jumped in the Well of the House.

Amid furore, Kirit Solanki, who was in the Chair adjourned the House till 2 p.m.