Quarantine centres have become ‘torture points’

Coronavirus and govt’s mismanagement are equally causing damage to society, Congress leader Pramod Tiwari tells Mudit Mathur

The veteran Congress leader and eminent parliamentarian Pramod Tiwari says that the Congress party always cooperate with ruling party in event of national calamities and disasters. “But it was the first time when I saw a government fought its Opposition parties more than pandemic of Coronavirus. Coronavirus and mismanagement of centre and state government equally caused damage to society,” he said.

“The calculations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi bitterly failed due to lack of lockdown planning. Had he taken all the state machinery into confidence and at least one week before the situation could have been much different. The migrant workers, students, farmers would have reached their homes,” he asserted.

Tiwari, in an interview with Tehelka, said, “The timely action on the part of the Union government could have saved the nation. They should have monitored the situation right from is beginning from Wuhan, China. It came through airways. “The Union government is wholly responsible for community transmission of pandemic because it continued with its plan to held historic civic welcome to US president Donald Trump in Ahmedabad stadium compromising social distancing norms at a historic masses,” he alleged.

Tiwari, who is a leading High Court lawyer, flayed state government for adopting undemocratic tactics with vengeances against Congress as its president was arrested under fabricated charges entailing punishment up to life imprisonment.

He termed the quarantine centres as “torture points” where the purpose of putting under isolation has completely failed. These centres experience burns of poor financing model enhancing mismanagement and lack of sanitation. The state government gives only  40 a day per person for three meals. “The irate behaviour of the state due to its failures on many fronts could be seen reflecting in frustration against Congress worker,” Tiwari alleged.