Punjab MILKFED assures fully sanitized and uninterrupted milk supply

The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd. (Milkfed) which markets popular Verka brand of milk and milk products on Friday assured uninterrupted supply of milk to prevent any panic among consumers.

Milkfed sells milk and milk products in Punjab and neighboring states through its vast network of retailers, dealers and distributors.

Managing Director, Milkfed, KS Sangha  informed that all precautionary measures were being taken to ensure production of safe and nutritious milk and milk products through its state-of-art dairies during the ongoing  pandemic of COVID-19.

The workforce  is fully sensitized and all preventive measures are being taken as per the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the state and central government. “Keeping in view our seamless milk procurement and delivery network, there is absolutely no likelihood of any shortage of milk and milk products in Punjab and neighbouring states in coming days,” said Sangha.

Besides ensuring uninterrupted supply during the ongoing pandemic, the Milkfed is also taking utmost care that the processing of milk at all stages is fully sanitized. Strict implementation of guidelines in this regard right from the point of entry of the employees in their respective milk plants up to the delivery point are being ensured, he added.

Milked is presently supplying approx. 12 LLPD milk in Punjab and neighbouring states in polyfilm pouches, apart from pasteurized pouch milk, Milkfed also markets UHT milk with shelf life of 100 to 180 days. Being long shelf-life product, UHT milk can be used by consumers in case of non-availability of fresh milk and any emergency.

Apart from this all the Verka milk bars, milk booths and retail points are being stocked with Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) and Whole Milk Powder (WMP). The MD informed that 20 MT milk powder has already been dispatched in the market and 150 MT more milk powder which is equivalent to 15,00,000 litres of milk will be placed in its supply chain with in next 7 days.

Minister Cooperation and Jail, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa has reviewed the situation and assured that Milkfed will increase and maintain sufficient supply of fresh milk in pouch and in addition to this abundant supply of UHT long shelf-life milk and milk powders will be made immediately to instill sense of confidence in the consumers for uninterrupted supply. He has also appealed people not to panic because Milkfed as of today is processing 16 % more milk as compared to same month last year.

Chairman, Milkfed Captain Harminder Singh also assured consumers that all quality parameters were being strictly adhered to so that they get safe and nutritious milk and milk products during the ongoing unprecedented crisis. He also reiterated that there would be no disruption in supply of milk in coming days.