Prices Of Petrol And Diesel At Record High

Prices of Petrol and Diesel on Monday touched a record high of ₹76.57 per litre for petrol and ₹67.82 per litre for Diesel in the national capital, as oil companies raised prices for the Eight day in a row.
Price varies across States, depending on local taxes. Price of Petrol in Kolkata increased to ₹79.24 a litre, ₹84.40 a litre in Mumbai and ₹79.47 a litre in Chennai, while Price of Diesel in Kolkata reached at ₹70.37 a litre, in Mumbai ₹72.21 a litre and in Chennai ₹71.59 a litre.
Fuel prices were on a halt for almost three weeks due to Karnataka elections, but since May 14, just 2 days after the elections, prices have been revised upward every day and have reached record high.
Prices of petrol and diesel in four metros are as follows: