PM Modi praises health workers for leading fight against COVID-19

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday extended his wishes to everyone on the occasion of Buddha Purnima.

He lauded the health worker community for their massive efforts in fighting COVID-19. 

In a virtual address on Buddha Poornima event, Modi said, “During this difficult time of lockdown, there are several people who are working 24 hours to help others, to maintain law and order, to cure infected people. All such people deserve appreciation and honour.”

“India is standing strong and selflessly in these difficult times with those facing trouble in India or across the globe,” he said.

“India is constantly working to help other countries across the globe and will continue to do the same. To stop after getting tired cannot be a solution to any problem. All of us have to fight together to defeat COVID-19,” Modi added.

The event is being organised in honour of the Victims and the frontline warriors of COVID-19.