PM Modi hits out at Congress: Highlights of his speech in Lok Sabha

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on Thursday replied to the motion of thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha.

Addressing the members of, PM said, “A Government has to work for the people of India, a Government has to be sensitive to people’s aspirations.  There is no room for corruption.”

“So many members spoke in the debate in the Parliament. I thank them all. I congratulate all those who will be voting for the first time in the 2019 Parliamentary polls. Those born in the 21st century are now going to be voters and thus, they will play a role in shaping India’s progress,” Modi said.

“It is trust and optimism that will take our nation forward. We are not those who run away from challenges. We face the challenges and work to fulfil people’s aspirations,” PM added.

Targeting Congress, Modi said, “Our friends in the Congress see things in two time periods. BC- Before Congress, when nothing happened. AD- After dynasty- where everything happened.”

India is seeing remarkable progress in the last four years. In all spheres, investment, steel sector, start ups, milk and agriculture, aviation, India’s progress is outstanding.

Hitting out at the opposition, Modi said, “In hating Modi, the Opposition has begun to hate the nation. That is why their leaders go to London and do press conferences to show India in bad light. You know what is my crime for them? That a person born to a poor family is challenging their Sultunate.”

“In their 55 years, sanitation coverage was around 38% and in our 55 months it is nearly 98%. Gas connections in their 55 years was 12 crore, it is 13 crore in 55 months. We have worked at greater speed in our five years,” Modi added.

Modi talked about the accusation of Congress on his Government about destroying the Central institutions, he said, “Think about it, Congress imposed Emergency, but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress insults Army, calls the Army Chief a Gunda but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress leaders create stories that Indian Army is doing a coup…but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress questions the EC and EVM but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress bullies the judiciary but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress calls Planning Commission a bunch of jokers…but Modi is destroying institutions. Congress misuses Article 356 several times…but Modi is destroying institutions.”

Modi said, “The people of India have seen the work a Government with a full majority can do. They have seen the work of NDA. They do not want a ‘mahamilawat’ Government of those who assembled in Kolkata.”

Modi slammed Congress on the issue of corruption, he said, “During the CWG 2010, our players were playing hard to win medals for India. But, for Congress, Commonwealth Games were an opportunity to boost personal wealth of a few in the Party. The phone banking of the UPA did wonders for the friends of their leaders. Due to such favouritism, our banking system witnessed many problems. I want to say it on the floor of the Parliament that the Indian National Congress does not want our armed forces to be strong. They do not want our security apparatus to be strong. Which companies are they bidding for that they are acting so shamefully? Thousands of organisations were getting funds from overseas. We sought transparency in the process but these organisations shut down. Why was such money allowed to come in without accountability?” Modi asked.

“Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar was always ahead of his time. He had said that joining Congress is like committing suicide,” Modi added.

PM said, “Price rise and Congress are a team. When Congress comes, so does rising prices. The NDA Government has worked to keep prices under check.”

Modi further added, “Our Government has worked towards the good health and wellbeing of the people of India. Prices of stents, knee surgeries and medicines are coming down. This is helping the poorest of the poor.”