Parliament security breach: Accused worked in IT cell for BJP MP, seize his office-Karnataka Congress

Mysuru : The Karnataka Congress has alleged that the arrested individual in the Parliament security breach case had previously worked in the IT cell for BJP MP Pratap Simha. The Congress has also demanded the seizure of the BJP MP’s office.

Congress spokesperson M Laxman stated on Thursday that Manoranjan, who jumped into the main hall from the visitors’ gallery was very close to BJP Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha and had held meetings with him in Mysuru, Madikeri and New Delhi.

“We don’t know when these meetings occurred. His office should be seized. This is an issue concerning national security. If they request documents and proofs, we are ready to provide them. Our statements are based on evidence. What we are asserting is very close to the truth, ” Laxman said.

Meanwhile, BJP MPs, ministers, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have not reacted to the Parliament security breach incident.

Pratap Simha has also remained silent and even 24 hours after the incident he has not tweeted or given a statement on the accused in the security breach having got their pass for the visitors’ gallery from him.

“Why is MP Pratap Simha silent on the issue? He usually reacts to small incidents before the media, and in this case, his silence is causing suspicion. If a Muslim had been involved or if the pass was issued by a Congress party leader, the entire country would be up in arms. How did they manage to breach four layers of security? This seems to be a premeditated act, ” Laxman said.