Noida police chief fired over sex video, letters

SSP Vaibhav Krishna’s leaked letters alleged hefty bribes in transfers and postings of IPS cadre which works under the direct command of the UP CM, reports Mudit Mathur

The Uttar Pradesh government has finally got a way to get rid of embarrassment caused by actions of an IPS officer whose leaked letters were creating ripples in the turbulent political waters of the state over allegations of hefty bribes in transfers and postings of IPS cadre which works under the direct command of chief minister Yogi Adityanath. Uneasy calm was witnessed on his face when opposition targeted him on the functioning of home department alleging corruption charges in recently held assembly session citing these letters.

After the turmoil in assembly over the issue and persistent demand of opposition parties for a fair judicial probe, the state government has finally suspended controversial Noida Police SSP Vaibhav Krishna days after his confidential letter written to the state government alleging corruption by five other IPS officers surfaced in public domain.

Krishna hurriedly called a press conference in Noida to offer his defence about his viral sex videos blaming it a conspiracy against him because he wrote a confidential letter to government about corruption in transfer- posting of five IPS officers and termed video clips as ‘morphed.’ He also registered a case regarding this under his own influence of jurisdiction. The video which he called as ‘morphed’ was found to be authentic by a Gujarat-based forensic science laboratory. This paved the way for initiating administrative proceedings against him.

Earlier this week, the Uttar Pradesh DGP OP Singh also sought for an explanation from the accused Noida SSP Krishna on the leaking of his purported confidential letter to the state government. He was reportedly given 15 days to explain whether he had flouted service rules by leaking out the letter. 

When asked to comment on the situation, the DGP, however, avoided commenting on the contents of the leaked letter. Alleging large-scale corruption in the state police department, the opposition parties have demanded a judicial probe into the functioning of all government departments of the state.

In the letter, earlier in 2019, Krishna had alleged corruption in the ranks of UP Police, including serious charges of bribes for postings, and involves names of some RSS functionaries with high political connections.

He accused several IPS officers of corruption and demanding hefty bribes for better positions in the state. The letter mentions that details of graft had emerged during the investigation of a case in which four people, some claiming to be journalists, were arrested in Noida on August 23, 2019, during the investigation of a case (806/19 section 2(B)4, 2(B)8, 2(B)11) of the Gangsters Act in which four journalist stringers were arrested.