New York reports highest single-day increase in COVID-19 deaths

New York state has reported 731 COVID-19 deaths, the highest number since the beginning of the outbreak.

New York has suffered the highest single-day increase in its death toll from COVID-19. bringing the state’s total death count to 5,489.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “The death toll of this pandemic is more than a number. Behind the numbers are human beings and families and grief and pain and heartbreak. We can’t become numb to it.”

“Our hearts go out to New Jersey. After NY, New Jersey has lost the most people to this vicious virus. Our thoughts are with our brothers and sisters across the Hudson. We are all #NewYorkTough and we are all #JerseyStrong,” he said.

“We cannot restart life as we knew it without testing. Testing is the essential component. The NYS Dept of Health has developed antibody testing and is working with the FDA to bring it to scale We are working with NJ & CT to ensure we move forward using a regional approach,” he added.

“Social distancing is working. We need to vigorously maintain it. Lives depend on it. This is not about any one of us — it’s about all of us,” Cuomo said

The total number of coronavirus cases in the US has crossed 300,000 with over 12000 deaths.