Maharashtra Govt announce GST settlement scheme 2019

Government of Maharashtra, G.S.T. Department announced a settlement scheme which is a unique opportunity for registered and unregistered dealers to settle arrears for pre-GST period. The State has announced a settlement scheme vide Maharashtra Settlement of Arrears of tax, interest, penalty or late fee ordinance 2019. This is a unique opportunity to settle dues under the various Acts administered by Maharashtra Goods and Service Tax Department.

The main features of the Scheme are; Benefits are available in respect of dues pertaining to the period ending on or before 30th June, 2017. This Scheme is applicable for Registered dealer as well as Unregistered dealer. Under this scheme dealer is required to pay undisputed tax in full and such percentage of disputed tax, interest, penalty or late fees as applicable.

This settlement scheme available under various Acts administered to the MGSTD are viz. Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act 2002, Profession Tax Act 1975, Maharashtra Tax on Luxuries Act 1987, Central Sales Tax Act 1956, Bombay Sales Act 1959, Maharashtra

Purchase Tax on Sugarcane Act 1962, Works Contract Act 1989, Bombay Sales of Motor Spirit Taxation Act 1958, Maharashtra Transfer or right to use any goods Act 1985, Maharashtra Entry Tax on other notified goods Act 2002, Maharashtra Entry Tax on Motor Vehicle Act 1987 .

Settlement may be done or in respect of dues as per any statutory orders (against which appeal is filed or not) for return dues i.e. amount short paid or not paid, for dues as per audit report (F-704) recommended by Auditor, for dues communicated as per any notice or self-assessed by the dealer and for Separate order imposing penalty, interest or late fee, etc.

In order to provide ease in submission of application and minimize compliance burden, an online facility for submission of application is provided at the MSTD website and it may be noted that it is mandatory to submit online application. For filing application, applicant may
visit MGST Portal and submit the amnesty application and upload the required documents. ie

This is unique opportunity to get waiver in respect of disputed tax, interest, penalty and late fees.