Jairam Ramesh questions PM’s silence as Manipur crisis deepens

As the crisis in Manipur continues to escalate, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh took to Twitter on Wednesday, questioning the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urging him to take proactive steps to address the situation.

Ramesh’s tweet came in response to the prolonged strife that has plagued Manipur for the past seven weeks. Despite the visit of Home Minister Amit Shah the state remains in turmoil, and the absence of a response from the Prime Minister has raised concern among the public.

“There appears to be no letting up in the enormous disaster that has engulfed Manipur for the past seven weeks. The Home Minister visited belatedly after a month and the nation must be thankful for small mercies, ” said Ramesh in a tweet.

“But why is the Prime Minister still silent? Why doesn’t he visit the state and make an appeal for reconciliation between communities? Why can’t he at least encourage an all-party delegation to go to Manipur?, ” he tweeted.