Insurance companies if found guilty will be blacklisted – CM Fadnavis

In some districts of Aurangabad and Latur divisions it was found that area under cultivation and the area for Crop Insurance has disparity. After the investigation, if it is found that insurance companies are guilty, they will be blacklisted said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.
He was replying to the question raised in state legislative assembly by member Ajit Pawar related to the Rabi season Crop Insurance Scheme.

Meanwhile, replying to a sub-question, agricultural minister Dr. Anil Bonde said that in Aurangabad, instead of 2.68 lakh hectare area, 8.49 lakh hectare insurance was registered whereas in Latur, 13 lakh, 14 thousand area insurance was registered instead of 7 lakh 84 thousand area. This has a disparity at large. The insurance companies assign this job to bank and common service centre. The district magistrates had been directed to investigate the insurance companies and see that there is no such discrepancy found in future. They have been advised to make plan to avoid such misappropriation. He said that at if insurance companies are found guilty of irregularities, strict action will be taken against them.