India’s COVID-19 cases rise to 1,98,706, Death toll at 5,598

India’s COVID-19 cases has risen to 1,98,706 with 5,598 fatalities. There are 97,581 active cases while 95,526 have been cured/discharged, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

Maharashtra remains the worst affected state in the country. The total number of COVID-19 cases has jumped to 70,013 with 2,362 fatalities, according to Health Ministry. 

Tamil Nadu continues to be the second-worst hit state with 23,495 Covid-19 cases and 184 deaths, followed by Delhi with 20,834 cases and 523 deaths, Gujarat – 17,200 cases and 1,063 fatalities.

The Health Ministry on Monday said, “the recovery rate in the country is progressively increasing and has reached 48.19% amongst COVID-19 patients. The recovery rate on 18th May was 38.29 %. On 3rd May it was 26.59 %. On 15th April it was 11.42 %.”

“The case fatality rate is 2.83%. On 18th May, the case fatality rate was 3.15%. On 3rd May, it was 3.25 %. On 15th April it was 3.30 %. A steady decline can be seen in the case fatality rate in the country. The relatively low death rate is attributed to the continued focus on surveillance, timely case identification and clinical management of the cases,” the Ministry said.

Global coronavirus cases have surpassed 6.2 million mark with over 3,70,000 fatalities.