Indian Army fires upon Pakistani UAVs in Poonch region

Indian Army troops engaged Pakistani quadcopters by opening fire in the Balnoi-Mendhar and Gulpur sectors in Poonch district. 

The flying objects, suspected to be surveillance drones from Pakistan, briefly entered Indian territory but retreated upon facing gunfire. Following the encounter, a search operation was initiated in both sectors to ensure no weapons or narcotics were dropped by the quadcopters.

According to officials, the troops observed two quadcopters entering the Mendhar area around 6.30 am, prompting the Indian forces to open fire. Similarly, in the Gulpur sector, a couple of quadcopters were spotted around the same time, and firing by Indian troops compelled them to return.

This incident follows a similar event on February 12 when Army troops fired on an enemy drone detected in the Mendhar sector. 

The use of drones by Pakistan to drop narcotics and weapons in Jammu and Kashmir has raised concerns, leading the local authorities, including the Jammu and Kashmir Police, to announce a cash reward of ₹ three lakh for information on drones flown from across the border with the intent of smuggling illicit items.