Himachal Election: PM Modi links Congress to instability, corruption and Scams

Chambi (HP) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday that Himachal Pradesh needs a stable and strong government of “double engine”, and linked the Congress with “instability, corruption and scam”.

Addressing a rally in Kangra district, which has the largest number of assembly seats in the state, Modi targeted the Congress, accusing it of “betraying” the state when it was in power at the Centre.

He said the Congress, the main challenger to the BJP’s bid to retain power in the hill state, will only hamper development if it is elected to power in the state.

Noting that the Congress is left with power in only two states, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, Modi asked people if they have ever heard of them making news for development. It is the reports of internal feuds of the Congress which come out from there, he added.

There is so much anger against the Congress that people have not elected it to power in many states for decades after defeating it, Modi said, citing the examples of Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal among others.

The BJP is identified by people with good governance and pro-poor policies and that is why it is elected to power again and again, he said, referring to the party’s win in several states where it was in power.

The BJP only says what it can do and then works with its full strength to implement with its promises, he said. Other political parties are still rooted in family rule and vote bank politics, he said.