High Power Committee to control corruption in government offices in Haryana: Khatter

When BJP government came to power in Haryana made tall claims to wipe out corruption completely in the state but in-spite of all assurances and efforts failed to do so, according to public complaints and headlines appearing in newspapers everyday it has rather increased a lot since past few years when large number of scams by senior officers in government offices in the state has been exposed in past sometime adversely affecting the reputation of state which needs stern action by the government as such Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter has recently constituted a High Power Committee in the state to control increasing corruption in government offices in the state.


Addressing media persons chief minister said the committee comprising of Chief Secretary, Director General Police and large number of senior bureaucrats from Revenue Department, State Vigilance Bureau, Home Secretary and CID will take stern action against corruption and punish corrupt employees in government offices which will not be tolerated at any cost and he himself will lead the committee. Khatter said, in a meeting held recently decision has been taken to have independent State Vigilance Bureau in all six divisions in Haryana state under the control of Commissioner. He said, state government has also constituted Human Resources Department (HRD) in the state to keep record of every government employee in the state as regard their transfers, corruption cases against them if any, pension of those already retired and HRD will also be under his own control managed by Chander Sheikher Khare an IAS officer  appointed as HR Secretary.

Khatter said, a meeting with Deputy Commissioners and SPs of every district in the state was held in which decision has been taken to wipe out corruption from each and every office in the state and take extremely stern action against corrupt officers and employees since action could not be taken against them in past over a year due to KOVID-19 epidemic outbreak in the state and warned corruption will not be tolerated in the state now, those involved in it will not be spared at any cost and a monthly meeting will be held to review corruption cases every month in the state.

Chief Minister disclosed that corruption cases up to Rs 1 crore will be investigated by Vigilance Bureau offices in every division related to   government employees of Group BCD, whereas in case of Group A employees, officers and amount of corruption of value above Rs 1 crore will be investigated by State Vigilance Bureau. Khatter said, district level vigilance teams have registered 98 complaints as regard corruption in past two months. He said to have a curb over corruption in the state government taking case on three factors in government offices including punishment, reforms and character development of employees in government offices. Khatter said, corruption in government offices in Haryana state in past years was also at peak when different political parties were ruling in the state and no action was being taken against corrupt employees whereas ruling government is serious to wipe out the same completely from state.