Haryana ranks 4th in crimes against women : NWC Report

As per National Women Commission (NWC)study report, Haryana state ranking at fourth highest position in crimes against women (CAW) after U.P, recording maximum number of crimes, followed by Delhi and Maharashtra states. Union Minister for Child & Women Development Commission Samriti Irani sometime ago stated that crimes against women in the country are constantly rising since past few years all over in the country including Haryana state too. According to Central Women Commission, since after the year 2019 as many as 837 serious complaints have been received by them in past three years and State Women Commissions too have been sorting out such complaints under the guidance of Central Women Commission.

While having a look at crimes against women cases in U.P, Delhi and Maharashtra and Haryana states having maximum number of cases registered since the year 2019. According to available data, 11358 CAW cases were registered in 2019 in U.P which increased to 11872 cases registered in 2020 with further increase to 15828 cases registered in 2021. Similarly, in Delhi as many as 1873 CAW cases were registered in the year 2019 increased to 2636 cases in 2020 and further increased to 3336 cases registered in year 2021. In case of CAW cases registered in Maharashtra state in 2019 there were 644 cases were registered in 2019, increased to 1188 cases registered in 2020 and further increased to 1504 cases registered in year 2021.

In case of Haryana state, 1144 CAW cases were registered in various police stations in the state in 2019 and the number of such cases increased to1265 in 2020 with further increase to 1450 cases in 2021. According to Central Women Commission information, this year with effect from January 1, 2022 to January 25, 2022 the situation as regard CAW cases in four states including U.P, Delhi, Maharashtra and Haryana further worsened recording 986 cases registered in U.P, 199 cases in Delhi, 95 cases in Maharashtra and 84 cases in Haryana state. Information also reveals, National Women Commission has taken several steps for women empowerment which include increase in financial status, personal grooming, literacy and personality development especially in females living in rural areas apart from digital training by National Women Commission being imparted on line. Information further reveals Commission has also started   several digital programmes  for women regarding new inventions in the field of agriculture, industry, general awareness, education and enabling to face cyber crimes.