Harsh realities abound, but rulers don’t care a hoot

On the issue of bulldozing and bulldozers, one may ask: Is there no other civilized way to ensure that citizens are not uprooted in this ruthless way, with nothingness staring out ? by Humra  Quraishi

Last week’s visual shots of a Delhi Police sub-inspector kicking and slapping namazis offering Friday afternoon prayers on the road outside a mosque in the Inderlok locality of the capital city left me appalled. Though, as I have been writing all along, nothing really shocks one in these fascist times, but those shots were much too horrifying. It went to relay how very third class and rotten we have become. How the system has failed us. Disasters taking place, atrocities heaped, every single day, yet we sit all too muted.

Also, it got me thinking that if all these violent attacks are taking place out there in the open in the national capital, then what must be happening inside jails and prisons, where the inmates are completely at the mercy of the jail staff and there are supposedly no mobiles and cameras to expose the targeted assaults. Denting and bulldozing of human forms!

Whilst on bulldozing and bulldozers, homes of hundreds demolished as never before. Men, women, children forced to sit or squat or stand outside their demolished dwellings. One is provoked to question: where are all those who harp on the safety of girls and women? Don’t they realize that with homes and abodes demolished, entire families are forced to survive without a roof over their heads. So very vulnerable they are! Yes, their vulnerability at the peak, when they are forced to sit by the road side.

Even if one is told that demolitions are on because those structures were built on un-authorized lands, then one may ask: Who’d given the initial go-ahead? Who all are part and parcel of the entire nexus? Is there any level of accountability? Is there no other civilized way…civilized measures undertaken to ensure that they are not uprooted in this ruthless way, with a nothingness staring out? And when school sheds and madrasas are demolished, it is the very end of education for those trying to learn the very basics. Can’t alternative building structures be offered so that the learning process is not ruined or disrupted in an atmosphere where dismal realities and poverty stare in the face?

It is significant to mention  that in the latest round of the bulldozing spree in the capital city, the home of  Wakeel Hassan in Delhi’s Khajuri Khas locality was also ruined …bulldozed. Yes, he’s a man who along with his team saved the lives of the trapped miners in Uttarakhand. Today, he and his wife and children sit outside the demolished home! One can imagine their anger-cum-disgust-cum-frustration at the treatment meted out to them. In fact,  when  citizens  raised  much  hue and  cry and pointed out that  this man, Wakeel Hassan, was the saviour of the  trapped  miners, the authorities offered  him some alterative  shelter which he’s rightly refused to take as it’s a  matter of his  home which he’d  built over the years with his hard earned  money. With school-going children, why should he get dislocated from his familiar home surroundings at this crucial stage of his life!

Tricked into fighting for Russia

Another disturbing news which needs to be highlighted is this: Several Indian men getting trapped in Russia, compelled to fight in the ongoing war…Not  to be  overlooked the  latest on how young men from Haryana and Punjab who’d  flown to Russia  to celebrate the  new year, had been taken hostage. To quote details from news reports, they arrived in Russia on December 27 to celebrate New Year and were taken around by a person, who then offered to take them to Belarus. To quote one of the men, “We were not aware we needed a visa. When we reached Belarus, the agent demanded more money and then abandoned us. The police caught us and handed us over to the Russian authorities, who made us sign some documents.”

News reports of the first Indian mercenary death of a 30-year-old man, Mohammed Asfan, from Hyderabad has been confirmed by the Indian Embassy in Moscow, which said it was trying to get his remains flown to his hometown of Hyderabad.

There are unconfirmed reports of another 23-year-old Indian getting killed in a drone attack on a Russian army formation in Donetsk. According to news reports, the killed youngster, Hemil Ashvinbhai Mangukiya, was from Surat in Gujarat and died on February 21. There is no official confirmation about the death… There are also reports of 18 youth from Telangana duped by travel agents into fighting for Russia in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict

What happens to our citizens who are heading towards Israel, to earn their daily bread! Worries must be surmounting for them, in the backdrop of these news reports and the ongoing war and conflict in that region too.  Their logic for undertaking that rather too obviously  risk ridden  journeying was straight and simple: Here in their own country, they were  promised  jobs but with  no jobs around they were sitting  starving, so  where was the  option for them, but to travel out, where they’d get to earn the  basics.

These are the painful realities of the day which the rulers do not wish to talk about. Why?