HAFED gets export orders for 20000 ton Basmati rice

Its first time Haryana State Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation Limited (HAFED) of Haryana government has recently received export orders for 20000 ton Basmati rice from Saudi Arab. Information reveals, Haryana state holding nearly 50% share in export of rice in the country at present. However, export of Basmati rice from Haryana was adversely affected in past two years due to epidemic outbreak in the country as well as in the world resulting rice exporters and farmers cultivated paddy crop suffered a lot in this period due to slump in the market. Whereas, as a result of improvement in system and relief in economic conditions in the world the demand of rice in domestic markets as well as in export markets have returned on the track like previous years.

Information reveals, rice produced in India, especially Basmati rice in Haryana is in much demand in gulf and European countries due to its favor and after a slump in market for a period of two years rice exporters in Haryana state are now getting plenty of export orders from gulf countries which include Saudi Arab, Qatar, Iran. Iraq, Behrin, Kuwait, UAE, Yaman, Omen and other gulf countries as well as from all European countries including Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Ukrain as such farmers in Haryana state are expecting to recover all losses incurred in past two years due to crisis.

The arrival of new paddy crops in grain markets in Haryana state has started and likely to start as such farmers as well as rice exporters are happy over good demand in domestic as well as export markets this year. According to Kailash Bhagat HAFED Chairman they are expecting good export orders for Basmati rice from other countries also this year and will procure quality Basmati rice from farmers in the state for exports. He told that minimum support price (MSP) of different quality of rice is fixed by the government on the basis of price in open market and farmers are hopeful for better price of tof heir paddy crop this season.

According to information, arrival of limited quantity of Basmati variety 1718 has started arriving in grain markets in the state which is being sold at the rate Rs 3700 per quintal as against price Rs 3200 per quintal last year.  The rate of another variety Basmati DP1401 too is available in grain markets in the state at the rate Rs 3750 per quintal at present which was being sold at the rate Rs 3100 per quintal last year. The rate of Basmati rice variety1509 available in grain markets i9n the state at present at the rate Rs 3300 per quintal was sold last year at the rate Rs 2200 per quintal. Similarly, the rate of ‘Pusa’ variety Basmati rice being sold at present in grain markets at the rate Rs 3700 per quintal was available at the rate less than Rs 3300 per quintal last year. According to experts, the rates of Basmati produced in Haryana state is likely to reach much higher this season due to increase in demand not only in domestic markets but also all over in the world where ever the flavor of Basmti rice produced in Haryana reaching.