France to start evacuating citizens from Afghanistan

France will evacuate its first nationals and Afghan colleagues from the Afghanistan capital Kabul on Monday to a base in the United Arab Emirates.

Florence Parly, defence minister of France said, “We are planning to carry out the first rotation between now and the end of this Monday,” adding there were several dozen French citizens to be evacuated.

“We have organised at the base we have in the United Arab Emirates the capabilities to receive the first evacuees,” he said.

Parly added, ”These are for French nationals who remain in Kabul but also “people under our protection and who we are going to evacuate”.

The French base in the UAE “will serve as a military hub to ensure the back and forth between Abu Dhabi and Kabul and then repatriation in France”, Parly added.

According to defence minister, France “ The priority is to “evacuate (Afghan) personnel who rendered eminent service to our country by helping us daily, and also doing the maximum to provide protection to figures who defended the rights, human rights, journalists, artists, all those who stood for these values that we continue to defend around the world.”