Forest officials issue notice to NBCC against killing of trees

A good news for the tree savers. Forest officers have sent a notice to NBCC asking them to be present on August 6, 2018, and give their views on the cutting of trees at areas of Netaji Nagar and Thyagraaj Nagar. 

A team of forest officers had visited the site along with the patrolling team of Citizens4trees and acknowledged the violation of High Court and NGT stay order. Forest officers had found the trees to be chocked under the debris and also blocked with construction material.

Talking about the move, Prerna Prasad, green activist and initiator of Citizens4trees initiative said, ” I am happy that Citizens4trees created a positive impact.  NBCC is finally removing debris from all its trees after notice was issued to them by Forest Department against violation of High Court and NGT order. But this is just the beginning. We have to force the government t to take back the order of cutting not even a single tree. ”  

It is praiseworthy to mention that Citizens4trees began tree patrolling team, a first of its kind in the Capital, to keep vigilance on the developers who would come at night to cut down the trees. The team would patrol from 12 am to 4 am  on the routine basis.

Copy of the notice is enclosed.