FASTag rules relaxed for 65 toll plazas having high cash transactions

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to relax the conditions regarding declaration of FASTag Fee lanes for 30 days from today at the identified 65 high cash transactions fee plazas of NHAI. The concerned fee plazas have been allowed to convert up to 25 per cent of all fee lanes to hybrid (cash plus FASTag) lanes during this time.

The move comes in the wake of NHAI raising concerns regarding high cash transactions on its 65 identified fee plazas. NHAI has pointed out that most of the fee plazas are functioning with one hybrid lane on each side and while efforts are being made to bring more fee plazas within the ambit, the said identified fee plazas were facing heavy traffic rush on the hybrid lanes.

With a view to save the citizens from inconvenience, the Ministry has decided that depending on the traffic pile up at these 65 fee plazas, not more than 25 percent FASTag lane of Fee Plaza may be temporarily converted to hybrid lanes.  This is to be considered and decided on a case to case basis not below the level of the RO concerned. In a directive issued to NHAI in this regard, the Ministry has said that daily evaluation of such cases be made to take necessary corrective action and a summary report on daily basis be sent to the Ministry. 

The Ministry has further asked NHAI to ensure that the least possible number of the declared FASTag lane of Fee Plaza be converted into the hybrid lanes temporarily and further that at least 75% lanes of these 65 fee plaza remain declared and operational as ‘FASTag lane of Fee Plaza’ in order to incentivize the vehicles carrying FASTag.

The Ministry has emphasized that this temporary measure is to be adopted for 30 days only for such 65 fee plazas to facilitate smooth flow of traffic so that no inconvenience is caused to the citizens. NHAI shall take necessary measures within this time to ensure smooth flow of traffic through the fee plazas and ensure declaring “FASTag lane of Fee Plaza” for all the lanes within this period.

List of 65 fee plazas of NHAI with relaxation of 30 days wef 15th January 2020 PLAZA NAME RO PIU
1 Sadahalli Bangalore Bangalore
2 Vadodara Gandhinagar Ahmedabad
3 Boriach Gandhinagar Surat
4 Gharonda Toll Plaza Chandigarh Ambala
5 Electronic City Elevated: 1) Bangalore Up Ramp @ chainage KM 18/000 Bangalore Ramnagara
6 Bhagwada Gandhinagar Surat
7 Ladowal Toll Plaza Chandigarh Ambala
8 Bharthana/ Karjan Gandhinagar Bharuch
9 Khaniwade Gandhinagar Surat
10 Chandimandir Toll Plaza Chandigarh Chandigarh
11 Choriyasi Gandhinagar Surat
12 Jaladhulagori toll plaza Kolkata Kolkata
13 Charoti Gandhinagar Surat
14 Sambhu Toll Plaza Chandigarh Ambala
15 L&T PANIPAT Chandigarh Ambala
16 Rajchandrapur Toll Plaza Kolkata Kolkata
17 Khed-Shivapur Mumbai Pune
18 Khedki Daula Delhi Gurgaon
19 dapar Chandigarh Mohali
20 Krishnagiri Chennai Krishnagiri
21 Taswade Mumbai Kolhapur
22 Kumbalam Kerala Coachin
23 Narmada Bridge Gandhinagar Bharuch
24 Towards Bangalore Km.26.075 Bangalore Bangalore
25 Vikravandi Chennai Villupuram
26 Palliyekarra Kerala Palakkad
27 Ring Road Gandhinagar Ahmedabad
28 beharmpur Chandigarh Mohali
29 Kini Mumbai Kolhapur
30 Omallur Chennai Salem
31 Sengurichi Madurai Trichy
32 Ahmedpur Lucknow – East Lucknow
33 Anewadi Mumbai Pune
34 Brijghat Lucknow – West Moradabad
35 Samayapuram Madurai Trichy
36 Doddakarernahalli (Nelamangala Toll) Karekal Cross Bangalore Hassan
37 Kaniyur Chennai Coimbatore
38 Pantagi Hyderabad Hyderabad
39 Dankuni Kolkata Durgapur
40 Ahmedabad Gandhinagar Ahmedabad
41 Vijayamangalam Chennai Salem
42 Nawabganj Lucknow – East Lucknow
43 Towards Nelamangala Km.14.875 Bangalore Bangalore
44 Manguli Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar
45 Palayam Chennai Salem
46 Raikal Hyderabad Hyderabad
47 Dhareri Jattan Chandigarh Mohali
48 Paranur Chennai Kancheepuram
49 Thirumandurai Madurai Trichy
50 Moratandi Chennai Villupuram
51 Attibele Grade section Toll Plaza at km 32/700 Bangalore Ramnagara
52 Kodai Madurai Madurai
53 Vaiguntham Chennai Salem
54 Negadiya Jaipur Udaipur
55 Karabylu(Bellur Toll) Bangalore Hassan
56 Gegal Jaipur Ajmer
57 Anand Gandhinagar Ahmedabad
58 Ronahi Lucknow – East Lucknow
59 Barajod (earlier Sikandara ) Lucknow – West Kanpur
60 Bharudi Gandhinagar Rajkot
61 Kishangarh Jaipur Jaipur
62 Vasad Gandhinagar Ahmedabad
63 Borkhedi Nagpur Nagpur
64 Hoskote Bangalore Bangalore
65 Samakhiyali Gandhinagar Gandhidham