Fast increase in crime against women cases in Haryana says Kumari Shelja

Addressing media persons at Chandigarh, former HPCC president and Union Minister Shelja member congress working committee expressed deep concern over fast increasing crime against women in Haryana state since past couple of years. She said, ruling government in Haryana state during last Vidhan Sabha session claimed that crime against women are decreasing in the state which is untrue since such crimes are fast increasing in the state since past couple of years.

Shelja said, according to National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) recent report 28% increase in crime against women cases was reported in 2021  as compared to year 2020 in Haryana state when 16658 such cases were registered at police stations in the state during year 2021 thus on an average 45 cases were registered daily. Similarly, last year 1716 rape cases were reported at police station in the state during year 2021 although the actual number of rapes was much higher officially having 25% increase as compared to previous year 2020. According to NCRB report, 2249 cases were registered under Poksey Act allegedly sexual molestation of minor girls in police stations in Haryana state during year 2021 which was 21% higher as compared to year 2020.

 Shelja said, according to NCRB report, 34.5% increase was recorded in case of cases registered against those belonging to backward classes. Report further revealed that 89 person were reported died due to having overdose of drugs during year 2021, whereas the situation during present year turning worst when 43 persons, mostly youths have already lost lives after consuming excessive quantity of drugs so far In-spite of the fact state government has set up a separate Narcotic cell in the state and still unable to control smuggling , sale and drug addiction among youths.