‘Dr Bomb’ arrested after he jumps parole

In Kanpur, STF nabs Jalees Ansari, who is an accused of plotting and executing over 50 bomb blasts across  the country since early nineties, reports Mudit Mathur

In a coordinated operation the UP Police succeeded to promptly nab a dreaded terrorist Dr Jalees Ansari,68, from Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, who is branded as Doctor Bomb, a day after he jumped off parole granted from Ajmer prison. He was convicted for plotting and executing over 50 serial bomb blasts across the country since early 90s. He had gone missing a day before his parole coming to end and planning to flee to Nepal via U.P.The Mumbai Police and Maharashtra ATS have launched a massive manhunt all over the country to trace him,one of the most wanted terrorists in the country.

Ansari, who is serving a life term in Ajmer jail, was visiting his family in Mumbai on parole and was due to report back at the prison on Friday morning on 17th January,2020, but  On Thursday, Ansari’s family members residing in Mominpadaarea approached the Agripada police station in Mumbai and informed that he had gone missing. The family informed that he went for morning Namaz around 5 am but did not return since then. His mobile went switched off.

The Agripada police then sent an SOS alert at the police control room about Ansari and at the same time Maharashtra ATS, Crime Branch were also pressed into service to track him. Soon alert massages started flashing in the police control rooms of the various states about Dr. Ansari jumping parole and could commit terror attacks.

Dr Jalees Ansari “Dr. Bomb” convicted life term in connection with Jaipur, Ajmer and Malegaon blast cases. He was one of the radicalized terrorists, who had undergone terror training in Pakistan in the early nineties.Professionally Dr Ansari was a doctor working with the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) residing in Mominpada in Mumbai. Later another terrorist Abdul KarimTunda indoctrinated him.

The module created by Ansari was responsible for carrying out several serial blasts across the country to avenge the demolition of Babri Masjid. Blasts had been carried out in Hyderabad, Malegaon, Ajmer, Pune, Rajdhani Express and various other places across the country. Ansari is considered as a mastermind and expert in making of TNT and timer bombs. He was released on parole from the Ajmer prison on court’s orders last month on December 28.

Ansari was responsible for creating a module with the banned outfits SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India), Huji (Harkatul Mujahideen) and Indian Mujahideen (IM) which had radicalised several persons across India and later were held responsible for carrying several blasts.

Ansari was released on parole following a Supreme Court order on 28 December. Hewas namedin at least 50 bomb blasts. Uttar Pradesh police nabbed him in Kanpur, while he was leaving a city mosque. He was en-routeto a railway station and said to escape Nepal but was nabbed by the Special Task Force (STF) of the UP police due to its strict vigil and alert.

Overwhelmed DG Police O. P. Singh told in a hurriedly called press conference, “Jalees Ansari has been arrested when he was coming out from a mosque. It is a big achievement of UP Police.” An ATS officer Maharashtra briefed, “We have received transit custody of Ansari for three days. During this period, we have to bring him back to Mumbai and produce him before a local court. An ATS team took him to Mumbai on Saturday night.”

DGP OP Singh directed IG STF Amitabh Yash to seal the border areas adjoining Nepal preempting his attempt to flee there. GRP too was geared up to go for extensive security checking. All the district police machinery been activated. The trains coming and going towards Mumbai were special target and kept under vigilance. Meanwhile, Deputy SP of Lucknow SIT team got reliable information about the whereabouts of Dr Ansari in Kanpur. The Kanpur SIT team led by Dy.SP T.V. Singh, Sub Inspector Ghanshyam Yadav and two Constable Chandra Prakash and Abdul Kadir detained him while coming out of a mosque and recovered 47,780 from his possession with a dairy, Aadhaar Card, mobile phone and a pocket dairy.

Dr Ansari’s father was labourer and had six brothers. He has done medical studies from Sion Medical College Mumbai and done MBBS in 1982. Later he came in contact with terrorist Tunda. “The Maharashtra ATS took away Ansari after procuring his transit remand and took him away him under its custody forproper interrogated before being sent back to prison to resume his life sentence,” he said. “The priority is to find out if anyone was helping him to cross the border into Nepal so action can be taken against them. We need to find out how he was planning to get into Nepal and what his later plans were.”

The officer also said the ATS would be seeking Ansari’s custody so that he can be interrogated before being sent back to prison to resume his life sentence. He said, “The priority is to find out if anyone was helping him to cross the border into Nepal so action can be taken against them. We need to find out how he was planning to get into Nepal and what his later plans were.”

The ATS has found out that Ansari went to Kanpur hoping to secure help from two childhood friends. However, it was only after he visited their residences that he learnt that one of them had passed away a year ago and the other one was not present in Kanpur. Ansari then made inquiries about viable travel options to enter Nepal, but he was intercepted and arrested, police said.