Donald Trump administration relaxes rules for H-1B visas, allows holders to enter US on conditions

The Trump administration has relaxed some rules for H-1B visa holders by permitting them to enter the United States if they are returning to the same jobs, they had before the ban was imposed.

The US Department of State advisory said dependents including spouses and children will also be allowed to travel along with primary visa holders.

“Travel by applicants seeking to resume ongoing employment in the US in the same position with the same employer and visa classification,” the state department advisory said.

The administration said technical specialists, senior-level managers and H-1B visa holders who can contribute to the US economy will also be allowed to travel the country.

Healthcare professionals, people engage in COVID-19 research work, travelling to fulfil contractual obligations or those involved in projects with a substantial public health benefit will also be allowed entry into the US.

On June 22, President Trump had signed a proclamation temporarily banning the entry of certain non-immigrant visa categories till the end of the year.