DMRC to initiate cashless and touchless transactions for travellers

Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to initiate cashless and touchless transactions for travellers, under the impact of coronavirus pandemic. The QR code-based ticketing system can only be availed at its airport express line at present.

In the QR code system, the commuter has to register on the mobile application, using mobile number and email ID and buy QR tickets by choosing the initial point, the destination station and the number of passengers who will travel.

According to Anuj Dayal, executive director, corporate communication, DMRC, “The DMRC has invited expression of interest for implementation of QR code, EMV (enabled Account-Based Ticketing (Master/VISA), and RuPay based ticketing,”

The QR code system will be available on The Delhi Metro’s nine corridors, spread over 314 kilometres, and 245 stations by 2022 as per reports.

The Delhi Metro authorities have also demanded the Centre to modify the safety protocols to permit it to operate trains with at least full seating capacity to make up for the revenue deficit.

Delhi Metro resumed its services on September 7 after being closed for over five months due to the pandemic, all in conformity with the safety guidelines issued by the government.

Due to these restrictions, only 50-60 commuters can now travel in a coach, which in pre-COVID time carried 300-350 people during the peak hours.