Developmental announcements by ruling Haryana government in budget merely as eyewash: Hooda

Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda leader of opposition in Haryana Vidhan Sabha while addressing media persons after the session accused ruling state government responsible buried state under heavy debts for amount worth Rs 3 lakh crore. Hooda said, ruling state government is in the habit of making tall developmental announcements in the state but fails to implement or complete majority of these generally prove fake.

Hooda surprisingly said, the ruling government is in the habit of making fake, lucrative announcements including opening of new medical colleges in every district, finish unemployment and several others during budget session to attract people in the state which never complete in the absence of funds, even government have to secure fresh loans to pay payment of old loans and meet routine expenses to run the government in the state, which is merely to divert attention of people in the state well aware of the announcements made while declaring budget by the government are merely an eyewash to attract public attention, headlines in newspapers  and remain in power.

Hooda said, ruling Haryana government in present budget has fixed a target for amount worth Rs One crore lakh for fresh investment in Haryana state during year 2022-23 as compared to previous year recorded hardly Rs 1600 crore during the year. Hooda said, this budget has disappointed people in every sector in the state including farmers, labourers, people in trade and small scale industry, employees, unemployed youths  as well as  every citizen due to fast rising prices of every essential commodity.