Developing managerial abilities isn’t so tough

The fact is that the author of this book, Dr Pankaj Garg, is the well-known Chandigarh based colorectal surgeon, who decided rather too determinedly to write this book on decision making!

As one reads this book it gets obvious that he is focused on the fact that the very process of decision-making ought to be highlighted in our lives, as the right or wrong decisions can make all the difference. Yet, books on decision-making are rare to find. As he writes in the preface, “I realized that there was hardly any good book on this topic. Though there were books on corporate decision-making, there were few on personal/ emotional decision-making. No doubt, emotional decisions are more important to all of us on a day-to-day basis. Surprisingly, most of us never ever realize that the process of decision making needs evaluation and can be improved.”

With that take off, he goes into the entire process of decision-making. Focusing on the key factors that are part of the process and how they can be worked upon to take the apt decision …A medical man, he also focuses on the scientific aspects. How the mind works, rather how its to be made to work,so that there can be no short comings, at least on the decision making front!

What I personally liked about this book are those 23 “different stories” tucked in the book to highlight the varying concepts to decision-making, that he wants to relay to the readers.

Its a great idea and a good wise start to get us aware of the significance to decision-making, but as I do believe in destiny and destined turns, so even the wisest amongst us can make all the wrong decisions and fall into a pit! Ironically, even the average can fare well because they are, perhaps, destined to make the right decisions!