Demonetisation was an attack on India’s unorganized economy: Rahul Gandhi

Slamming the Central government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that demonetisation was an attack on India’s poor, its farmers, labourers and small shopkeepers. Rahul made his remarks in a video message and claimed that the decision of demonetisation by the central government was an attack on India’s unorganized economy.

Rahul in his message said, “On November 8, 2016, at 8:00 pm – PM decides demonetisation. The notes of ₹500 and ₹1000 were made useless, The whole of India stood in front of banks, You deposited your money in your bank. The first question; Did it erase black money? No.”

“Secondly, what was the benefit of demonetisation for the poor people of India? The answer is – nothing. So, who got the benefit? The advantage was given to India’s biggest billionaires. How? The money that you in your pockets, that you had in your homes was taken and used by the government to waive off the debts of these people. But that was just one goal,” Rahul added.

Rahul further said, “The second goal was to wipe out cash from the system. Our informal sector which is the sector of the unorganised economy runs on cash. Whether it is a small shopkeeper, farmer, or labourer, he or she works with cash. The second goal of demonetisation aims to wipe out cash from the system including from informal or unorganised sectors. The Prime Minister himself said that he wanted a cashless India, a cashless Hindustan.”

“However, if there is cashless India, the informal sector will be destroyed. Who suffered? The farmers, labourers, small shopkeepers, small and medium businesses. Those who were dependent on cash, those who cannot live without cash,” the Congress leader said.

“Demonetisation was an attack on India’s poor, its farmers, labourers and small shopkeepers. Demonetisation was an attack on India’s unorganised economy and we must recognize this attack. The entire country will have to fight against it together.,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday listed Six issues in a tweet and called them “Modi-made disasters”.

In the tweet, Rahul said, “India is reeling under Modi-made disasters: Historic GDP reduction -23.9%, Highest Unemployment in 45 yrs, 12 Crs job loss, Centre not paying States their GST dues, Globally highest COVID-19 daily cases and deaths, External aggression at our borders.”

On August 31, Rahul lashed out at the Modi-led central government and said that over the past 6 years central government has been attacking the informal sector and claimed that demonetization, ‘wrong’ GST, lockdown’s aim was to destroy this sector.