Congress guarantees Rs 2.5 lakhs for ‘Meri Bitiya Rani’ scheme in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal (MP) : In a major guarantee to parents of newborn daughters in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress today promised that every girl child will be given Rs 2.5 lakhs from the birth to their marriage under the ‘Meri Bitiya Rani’ scheme. This was announced by the Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi at a public rally here today.

 Priyanka Gandhi appealed to people of Madhya Pradesh, women in particular, to vote wisely and carefully as it was too precious for the future of their children.

Gandhi urged people, it was the time to get back the government which they had elected in 2018, but was stolen by the BJP using money.

Referring to the ‘Ladli Scheme’ of the BJP government announced just two months ago, she cautioned against getting lured. She asked, why was the scheme launched just two months before. Did women not need this help during the last five years? she asked.

Taking a dig at the BJP leaders for asking what the Congress did, she said, the school Mr.Modi went to, was made by the Congress. “I don’t know whether Mr. Modi went to the college, but I am sure that his ‘Entire Political Science degree’ certificate was printed on a computer that was brought by the Congress”, she remarked, while pointing out, it was her father late Rajiv Gandhi who had introduced computers in India when he was the Prime Minister.

Gandhi also referred to the progressive foresight of first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who set up the IITs and IIMS and so many public sector industries, which provided jobs also. “But their (the BJP’s) thinking is different as they are selling everything to their industrialist friends”, she remarked.

The Congress General Secretary urged people to compare the 15 months of the Congress government led by Kamal Nath, before it was stolen by the BJP, with three and a half years of the BJP government. She listed several achievements of the 15 months long Congress government, including waiving off of loans of 27 lakh farmers, setting up of Gaushalas, 27 per cent reservation for OBCs, ten percent for economically backward and 100 units of free power. Compared to that, she said, the BJP government had provided just 21 jobs in three years. 

Announcing guarantees for the people of Madhya Pradesh, she said, these will be implemented immediately after Congress forms government here. She announced that women will get a monthly cash assistance of Rs 1,500.

Priyanka said, the Minimum Support Price for wheat will be Rs 2,600 per quintal and for paddy it will be Rs 2,500 per quintal. 100 units of electricity will be provided free of cost and up to 200 units will be charged at half the rate. Farmers’ loans will be waived off. Irrigation facilities up to 5 horsepower will be provided free of cost.

There will be Rs 25 lakh health insurance cover, besides Rs ten lakh accident cover for everyone. The backlog of the vacancies of OBCs, SCs and STs will be cleared at the earliest, besides the process of filling up about two lakh government vacancies will be accelerated. There will be 27 percent reservation for the OBCs.

Besides free education, students will be paid a monthly stipend at the rate of Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 depending which class they are studying in.

Priyanka Gandhi specially appealed for the party candidate from Sanwer Rina Baurasi Setiya urging them to vote for her and get her elected to the Vidhan Sabha.