Congress can never unite India: BJP

In a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi’s ongoing ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, BJP leader Sambit Patra on Wednesday said the Congress can never unite the country.

The BJP spokesperson was speaking to reporters here ahead of Gujarat state Assembly polls.

“There is trust on one side, which provided development for 27 years with the help of people of Gujarat. Every Gujarati takes pride that he has built Gujarat. You (Gujaratis) had put your trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he reciprocated by giving you hospitals, electricity, water and roads,” said Patra.

On the other side, there are forces which work only for their selfish goals, he said, adding that such people are “here to break, not to unite people”.

“They do Yatra claiming to unite people, but their work is all about breaking the country. Congress party can never unite the country,” Patra said.

“A party which does not believe in the existence of Lord Ram can never unite this country. And just recently, Congress’ Karnataka president used derogatory words for Hindus. A party which did politics on COVID-19 vaccine can never unite our country,” he added.