Congress: a sinking ship due to its own policies ?

Poor performance by Congress exhibited in recent Vidhan Sabha polls in five states shows that the party has become a sinking ship. According to political experts, policies by party high command are responsible for crisis and downfall in a party. Question arises if poor performance in recent Vidhan Sabha polls in U.P, Uttaranchal and Goa especially in Punjab state where party has been squeezed from 77 to only 18 seats is also going to affect party’s network in adjoining Haryana state.

 Senior Congress leader Kuldeep Bishnoi MLA from Adampur Vidhan Sabha constituency recently while having a talk with media persons rightly said the time has arrived to change party’s policies immediately in order to save it completely wiped out in other states too as well as in centre and bring back  heavy weight Congress leaders in active party politics to save party now struggling for life. According to another senior Congress leader in Haryana state, on the condition of anonymity said most of Congress leaders in Haryana state are worried over the future of party leaders in Haryana state too feeling themselves unsafe in present circumstances.

However, Krisham Pal Gurjar Lok Sabha member when questioned by media men recently told that  Congress downfall in Punjab is likely to leave adverse effect over party leaders in Haryana too because any party having  weak leadership remains handicapped blaming Congress functioning  under the leadership of a single family can never grow in a democratic country and leaders of any party cannot accepted dictatorship attitude of its high command suggesting Congress high command should have listened to  neglected G-23 senior leaders.

When talked about recent Vidhan Sabha polls in Punjab in which Congress in the state lost power and shrinked to only 18 seats from 77 and even 11 ministers lost their seats. Most of the Congress leaders on the condition not to disclose their names  blame few reasons responsible for Congress defeat and lost its Vote Bank in Punjab state which included party high command failure to control clash between party leaders in the state, former Chief Minister Capt Amrinder Singh was compelled to resign  at a wrong time prior to Vidhan Sabha polls, appointment of Navjot Singh Sidhu as state party president, removal of Sunil Jakhad from the chair of party president at this stage, appointment of Charanjit Singh Channi as Chief Minister who focussed on developing  his own personality in 111 days  rather doing something constructive for party as well as for state prior to polls and above all indecent statements by Navjot Singh Sidhu for Channi as well as party as a result Congress lost its Vote Bank in Punjab state.