Clash between private schools & Haryana education department

Clash between organisers of private schools in Haryana and state education directorate Haryana as regard admission of students belonging to families below poverty line under section 134A of education Act 2004 providing admission to 25% students without charging fee is increasing day by day and now organisers of private schools has decided to move a writ against government in Punjab and Haryana High Court against the decision.

Information reveals, as a result of strict attitude of education department Haryana state government private schools has admitted nearly 20000 students from families belonging to weaker section were admitted in private schools and there are still 11000 students waiting for admission in private schools under section 134A refused by the organisers of schools. According to organisers of private schools the proof of income of the family of nearly 9000 applicants has been suspecteduntrue and denied admission.

Information reveals, state education department has issued show cause notices to nearly 600 private schools refused admission to 11000 students. According to organisers of such private schools, they are not being provided timely reimbursement of fee of such students as fixed by the government or delaying for a long time for one reason or the other as such it is not possible for them to impart free education since they have  to meet day to day expenses as well as salaries to staff and most of the schools are facing severe financial crisis as such it is not possible for them to admit students under section 134A unless prompt reimbursement towards fee of such students are released promptly by the government.

According to the parents of children denied admission by private schools, they are worried over the future of their children. The organisers of private schools told Tehelka that state education department gets funds towards the fee of students admitted under section 134A from government in the centre timely but reluctant to make payments to private schools for a long times and amount worth crores of rupees is pending against state education department at present trying to delay while making re-imbursement to private schools most of them facing severe economic crisis to run the school.

According to information, an investigation revealed that nearly 9000 certificates submitted by the parents claiming themselves below poverty line during verification were found fake as such admission to their children was refused by the schools and the state education department Panchkula has sent notices to the parents of nearly 600 children applied for admission under section 134A, which include maximum number of schools in Gurugram, Faridabad, Rewari, Rohtak and Palwal districts. Sources reveal, Private Schools Association has decided to move to Punjab and Haryana High Court against state education department.

A survey conducted by this correspondent in Ambala district reveals, 59 schools in the district has refused to admit 970 students applied under section 134A and show cause notices has been served to these schools by the state education department threatening to cancel their recognition as per Para 2 of Haryana School Education 2003 and Para 2 of Right of Child Education Rule 2011. Information also reveals, 44 schools in Ambala district which include 8 schools recognized up to class 8 but admitting students up to class 10 and class 12 in which nearly 8000 students are studying and now government has decided to cancel the recognition of nearly 111 recognized schools in the district with immediate effect. These 44 schools in Ambala district functioning since past about 19 years have been directed by state education department not to admit students for current 2022-23 session.