Budget Session: Rajya Sabha adjourned sine die

After Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla had tested positive for COVID-19 members of the House had urged the government to shorten the sittings of the Budget session.

While giving a brief account of the performance of the House, Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu said the upper house functioned for a total of 104 hours as against the total scheduled time of 116 hours.
“Against a total of 33 sittings scheduled, from January 29 to April 8, we are concluding it after having 23 sittings,” he said.
The Budget session provided the members of this House an opportunity to deliberate issues concerning economic growth and recovery specially in the post-COVID phase, he said.
Both the houses started working simultaneously with relaxed social distancing norms during the second part of the Budget session,
In the first part of the Budget session, Rajya Sabha met in the first half of the day while Lok Sabha functioned in the afternoon session.