BJP leader Sunil Jakhar opposed Haryana govt demand for separate space for Vidhan Sabha in Chandigarh

Chandigarh: Reiterating that there should never be any doubt in anyone’s mind over Punjab’s full ownership of its capital city Chandigarh, veteran Punjab leader and former Member Parliament (MP) Sunil Jakhar on Sunday urged both Haryana and Punjab Chief Ministers to show magnanimity and statesmanship and decide amongst themselves to not rake up a non-existant issue; and utilise our historic Vidhan Sabha on rotational basis.
Referring to the demand made by Haryana Speaker for separate space for state Vidhan Sabha in Chandigarh, Jakhar while cautioning leaders of both states to avoid any spectre mongering for political gains over this highly sensitive issue which could be misused by vested interests to foment strife in the border state termed this demand as outrightly illogical and baseless which should not have been raised in the first place.
I still have not understood as to why Bhagwant Mann ji as Punjab Chief Minister while responding to his Haryana counterpart’s demand for separate space had raised a similar demand. By asking for separate place for Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Punjab CM not only exhibited his serious lack of political insight about issues of Punjab but also gave impetus to Haryana’s pointless demand, the BJP leader added.
Urging both CMs to come together and spend their collective energies to resolve genuine issues of public concern, Jakhar said the issue needs deliberate handling and must be resolved mutually.
Why cannot we run the Vidhan Sabha which is an internationally reputed heritage building on rotational basis, say for first 15 days one state uses it and then it is available to the other state. This ways even the whole building is available for each state, Jakhar said referring to Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker’s request about more office rooms for official conduct of business.
Pointing out that in any case the dismal trend of fewer sittings is being followed by both Punjab and Haryana, Jakhar said as per data in last five years on average both the legislatures has not sat for more than 15 days in the a year. This, he underlined further blows a hole in the manufactured theory of need for separate space while what is required is to have more sittings at the same building. Moreover in this digital day and age of hitech i-pads, e-offices who needs more office space, he quipped.
Even if Haryana still thinks and needs separate land, they should consider the scenic area abutting Mansa Devi Complex in Panchkula which is infact closer to the present set-up than the site asked for by Haryana, Jakhar suggested.