By Mahie JK 

What India ate the most in 2022 ? This is one among those questions which is mostly discussed, when we are talking of some other memories of this year. Well among all the vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, Chicken Biryani topped the food list this year. According to many online food apps the most ordered dish of 2022 is Chicken Biryani .  This is the seventh time in a row that the dish has topped the chart. From the data of the Online food apps it is found that around 137 orders of Biryani were ordered every minute this year. Almost in all the top food apps, Biryani was found at the Top.

JIYA a student of Amity University, Noida who is residing as a paying guest says ” It is very difficult for me to prepare food when I come back from college, so I mostly ordered biryani from online food apps ”.  its so easy and fast, she added.

”A mention of biryani is enough to make ones mouth water and feel hungry and especially when it is in front of you steaming, the tendency is to launch a vicious attack and devour it” says Ajay another student of Delhi University.  Almost all the corporates and non-coporates offices  in Delhi NCR are ordering Biryani from us, says warsi a cook who privately runs a Biryani shop in South Delhi.

“Its one dish that never fails to brighten our dinner table,” feels Sunita   a housewife, who loves Biryani but can’t prepare it perfectly. Her family is very fond of Biryani so they order twice or thrice every week.  A plate of juicy meat combined with rice and spices is irresistible. Even some of our celebrities are found posting pictures of their favourite Biryani on social media.

No other Indian food has as many stories as Biryani has. Its story varies across the country as its taste and flavours. The handi of meat rice and spices is a complete meal in itself. Be it a formal or informal meeting , a handful of biryani is a must .

It is not a only a food item but many quotes are made on this popular dish. For some “BIryani is not food but Emotions” some say “it is not only a dish it is actually Love”. “ Burger and pizza are overrated, my love for Biryani will always stay” etc. BIRYANI is mostly liked dish of people across the country.  Food Delivery has become a very important part of our daily life now, whenever we are hungry and we crave for our favourite food, we order that with the help of our smart phones. It is so easy and convenient to relish our tasty dishes with the help of these online food apps. They have made our life so easier and comfortable. We can get our orders in minutes. It is very easy to throw a party at home, even when you come back from the office, said Anamika, a school teacher , who recently hosted a Biryani party at home with the help of these online food apps. So gather your friends and enjoy your favourite meal with New year.