Bihar education minister does not have enough intelligence to understand Ramcharit Manas”- Anil Vij

Ambala:  Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij, while reacting to Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar’s controversial statement on Ramcharitmanas, said that “YEH DESH RAM KA HAI, Jo NAHI RAM KA, WO NAHI KISI KAAM KA”. He was addressing a press conference at his Ambala camp office and  took a dig at the Education Minister of Bihar and said that “I do not think that the minister has read Ramcharit Manas and if he has read it, it seems from his statement that he does not have that much intelligence that can understand. While giving advice,Vij said that “YEH DESH RAM KA HAI, Jo NAHI RAM KA, WO NAHI KISI KAAM KA”, do not spread disharmony in the country by talking like this.  Home Minister said that the people of this country do Ram-Ram as soon as they wake up in the morning, do Ram-Ram in the evening, do Ram-Ram in the villages and cities. Ram is living in every where and no question mark will be tolerated on that, he added.

Home Minister retorted on the statement of AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi and said that who is forbidding anyone from living in India, everyone should live together, why do you jump.  Vij said that Mohan Bhagwat said that everyone has the right to live in India, that’s why we say that common civil code should be brought soon and he will ask them to support common civil code because everyone should be equal and no one should have any special rights. Significantly, Owaisi had said in a statement recently that Muslims do not need to take a certificate from Mohan Bhagwat to live in India.
Responding to the question asked on sex ratio in Haryana by a media persons, State Health Minister Anil Vij said that shops are open in the neighboring states of Haryana, the danger is coming from there and our districts are also affected from the same places, which are located around NCR or other states. He said that their details have been asked to be made, and the Chief Ministers of these states will be written that why ten ultrasounds are opened in a street. Vij said that a meeting has been held regarding the sex ratio and strict cognizance has also been taken on it. He said an action plan has been chalked out in consultation with all the officers and CMOs. Vij said that strict action will be taken on this and checking will be carried out at all the ultrasound centers of the state.