And now an Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel!

As Covid-19 spread and took dangerous dimensions, there was a need felt for a smart disinfection and sanitation tunnel that could disinfect a person fully from head to toe in a time span through a solution which is completely harmless.

Now a Mumbai based company has come out with an Automatic Sanitizing Tunnel (AST) which helps in eliminating virus and other pathogens on a person’s surface as he/she passes through the Chamber, using disinfecting chemicals. The objective is to sanitize people before and after they enter any protected premises.  The AST would be useful for hospitals, research and development establishments, government offices, Police and essential service offices, shopping malls, residential complexes, religious places, clinics and all other areas.

Its working is simple as the simple components create a sanitization chamber which sprays a mist of disinfection on the person walking through the chamber. However, proper care should be taken to walk slowly through the chamber so that the entire body and clothes get fully covered with mist.  The Automatic Sanitizer Tunnel is a tunnel measuring just 4x4x8ft.  the world over many disinfectants such as diluted hypo-chlorous acid  and alcohol-based disinfectants are used. Care should be taken to use the recommended concentration of the disinfectants to avoid any skin and body reaction.