Ambala rail division earns Rs 3.20 crore revenue on Kalka-Simla sector in 3 months

Past couple of years scenario reveals that the graph of tourists on Kalka-Simla rail track having status of World Heritage witnessed more than 33% drop due to epidemic outbreak not only in India but also all over in the world and the number of tourists from the country as well as from all over the world drastically reduced in past two years because of limited traffic on roads, railway tracks and in the air due to cancellation of road transport, trains and flights. According to railway authorities, in past three months with effect from January 1 till March 31this year Ambala rail Division has attracted large number of tourists on Kalka-Simla rail sector earning revenue worth Rs 3.20 crore in this period with the arrival of summer season having heavy rush of passengers in the trains as well as advance booking of rail tickets in all 12 UP and DOWN trains daily on this rail track.

Information reveals, revenue earnings on Kalka-Simla rail sector was adversely affected witnessing drop in summer season in past two years with effect from November 1, 2019 to February 28,2020 and from November 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021 due to less number of passengers travelling in trains when the railway earnings were only Rs 1.72 crore and Rs 1.59 crore during both seasons respectively due to limited number of passengers travelling in trains and railways suffered heavy revenue loss in this period. According to information, revenue worth Rs 72.58 was collected from nearly 3400 passengers travelled in this rail sector in month January 2022 and collected revenue worth Rs 1.17 crore from 44797 passengers in month February 2022 earning revenue worth over Rs 1.33 crore. Similarly, Ambala Rail Division was able to earn revenue worth over Rs 1.33 crore from 46712 passengers in month March 2022.

Kalka-Simla rail track on nearly 7000 feet height from sea level was laid on November 9, 1903 and services on this rail reack started in 1927 when British government was ruling in India. Railway track between Kalk and Simla has 869 bridges, 103 tunnels, 900 sharp turns on the way. The graph of tourists is fast rising this year due to severe slump season continuously in past two years when there were limited number of tourists visited Simla in past two summer seasons due to epidemic outbreak.