AIIMS starts virtual autopsy facility

The facility of virtual autopsy was started at AIIMS on Saturday to make the process of post mortem minimally persistent and more effective.
It was inaugurated by ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava.
Speaking about the new facility, Sudhir Gupta, head of the AIIMS Forensic Department, said it is a step towards dignified management of body.
“From today, it (facility) is going to start for dignified management of body no need to give cuts on the body and for various research purposes too. What is the position of other organs, what has contributed to the death of the person, through this (facility), we will receive many important information.”
According to Sudhir Gupta “Virtual autopsy will be better than physical autopsy and takes just 10 minutes, whereas physical autopsy takes about six hours to complete,
“Virtual autopsies are less time-consuming as compared to traditional post-mortem and are minimally invasive, allowing the body to be released for cremation or burial sooner,” he added.
Virtual autopsy is performed by using CT Scan machine, through scanning and imaging technology.
The process involves inspection of various tissues and internal organs, by putting the body in the CT scan machine where it generates about 25,000 images of the body within seconds which can be then examined by experts.