A Woman with Wings

 “I have never decided to be a pilot officer, it was unplanned”. This is  Shivani Kalra a young pilot officer for you. Shivani was a part of “Operation Ganga”,that evacuated students from Ukraine last year. With her motto “duty – first” she proudly partook the activity and flew to war zone area evacuating the stranded students in Ukraine.  Undoubtedly, she has broken all barriers and have made her mark in a men’s field. Operation Ganga was aimed to bring back thousands of students from Ukraine trapped in war zone.

Addressing the Students of Delhi University in a Youth Conclave, at PGDAV College Delhi, Shivani said women are multi-tasker. They can do several things at a same time. Recollecting her experience she shared few things with the students, she is happy that she was a part of “Operation Ganga” that evacuated 249 Indian students from Budapest, Romania. Students at Ukraine were eagerly waiting for us and their scared faces tuned into smile when they saw us. Initially my family was worried for me , but they did not stop me. When I came back from Ukraine, my parents said they are proud of me, added Kalra.

A women with wings and courage, also asked the students to raise their hands if they have decided a  carrier option for them, to which many students replied by lifting their hands, the undecided students failed to raise the hands, to them  Shivani said ,” I was one among you”.  It is okay if you have not decided yet, you still have time, Even I had no plans to join the Aviation Industry earlier, she added.

One of the student during the event, raised a question “You have faced a lot of criticism mam were you ever been demotivated?” And how did you deal with it, To this she replied “ Demotivated word does not exist in my dictionary” I have faced a lot of criticism in my life, I was rejected many times but I never lose faith in myself. Even after facing lot of criticism, I stood focused and continued working hard and I had faith in the Almighty.  If you are determined no body can stop you, added Kalra.

Coming up from an orthodox family of Haryana where society is inclined towards marriage of girls at a early age, it was very difficult for  to convince her friends and family. On being asked about her decision to chose Aviation Industry as her career, Shivani replied her parents have always supported her, especially her father who not only  encouraged her but also stood by her throughout the journey. She guided the young girls at the college to never lose hope and stay focused on whatever they choose for them. It is the determination and dedication that will cater us success, she added.

Shivani Kalra is an Airline Captain at Air India limited. She began flying for Air India since 2018 and had never stopped yet.