A sharp plunge in India-Canada ties after Trudeau’s Nijjar killing charge

Ties between India and Canada which were exceptionally strong during PM Modi’s bilateral visit eight years ago, have hit a new low after Canada President Trudeau alleged that Indian agents were involved in killing of Khalistani separatist Nijjar.  A report by Pawan Kumar Bansal

Pro-Khalistani elements who are citizens of Canada often indulge in anti-India and anti-Hindu activities with tacit support of the government. They demonstrate in front of the Indian High Commission, burn the Indian flag and raise pro-Khalistani slogans. Both Canadian and Indian media give them undue publicity. It suits the ruling dispensations both in Canada and India. 

Canada’s ruling Liberal Party is eyeing around eight lakh Sikhs living in Canada. Here in India, BJP is eyeing Hindu voters of Punjab by keeping the fear of Khalistan in their minds. Interestingly Indian media calls them as Khalistanis whereas they are the citizens of Canada propagating pro-Khalistani movement. They don’t miss any occasion, Indian festivals and national festivals, to indulge in anti-India propaganda.

Canadian President Justin Trudeau is not taking any action against these so-called Khalistanis although they are citizens of Canada, perhaps his government and Liberal party is dependent on support of the MPs of Sikh community in Parliament. Although ninety five percent of around eight lakh Sikhs living in Canada don’t support the concept of Khalistan but because of fear of radical elements they prefer to keep mum. These radical elements working under the banner of Sikhs for Justice and World Sikh Organisation allegedly also sponsor visas of Punjabi youth for visiting Canada.

They control the majority of the gurudwaras in Canada and conduct radical –religious congregations, vandalize Hindu temples with anti-India graffiti and even do not hesitate to attack the office of Indian High Commission in Ottawa.

Canada-India relations are at an all-time low after the murder of Khalistani separatist Nijjar, especially after the Canadian government alleged the hand of Indian agents in the murder without any evidence.

As a result, a diplomatic stand-off between Canada and India has escalated to the level of calling many diplomats from Canada and expulsion of Canadian diplomats from India.

Elite of Canada give what is called deep state support to these Khalistani elements with money and moral support. Those who oppose them are attacked. Deepak, a journalist, was attacked in Brampton and no action was taken against the accused. He saved his life by running away from the scene.

Even Ujjal Dosajh, former premier of British Columbia was attacked by the so-called Khalistani elements. In the guise of working for the cause of Khalistan, these  elements indulge in crimes like drug peddling.

Liberal Party of President Justin Trudeau and the New Democratic Party headed by Jagmeet are supporting the Khalistan  movement. The Conservative party is adopting  a balanced stand on the issue of Khalistan. Its MP, Chandra Arya  has criticized these pro-Khalistani elements. A video on his Twitter account says, “Few days back Khalistani movement leader in Canada and president of Sikhs for Justice which organized the so-called referendum, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu attacked Hindu-Canadians asking them to leave Canada and go back to India. I have heard from many Hindu-Canadians who are fearful after this targeted attack.”

“I urge Hindu-Canadians to stay calm but vigilant. The Khalistani movement leader is trying to provoke the Hindu and Sikh communities in Canada. Let me be clear. Vast majority of our Canadian Sikh brothers and sisters do not support the Khalistan movement. Most Sikh Canadians may not publicly condemn the Khalistan movement for several reasons but they are deeply connected to the Hindu-Canadian community. I can’t understand how glorification of terrorism or a hate crime targeting a religious group is allowed in the name of freedom of speech and expression.”

These Khalistani elements drew support from USA and Australia apart from Canada. The Canadian government is also using these elements to intimidate India.

On condition of anonymity an Indian, now a resident of Toronto, said that although Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar is doing very well, much more is required to be done by boldly calling the bluff of the Canadian Government for accusing India of murder of Nijjar without any evidence.