‘A new era of peace has begun in North East’: Amit Shah

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday attended a special function held in Kokrajhar, Assam to celebrate the first anniversary of the historic Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) agreement. 

In his address, Shah said exactly a year ago, under the leadership of the Prime Minister, the Bodoland Territorial Region Peace Agreement was signed under which, according to the directions of the Prime Minister, wherever there is unrest in the entire North East, talks with all sections of the people paved the way for peace. 

Shah said the BTR agreement has completed one year and led by PM Modi, a new era of peace has begun. The problem of the Bodo region, which had been continuing over several years and claimed more than 5,000 lives, was resolved as a result of the firm resolve and guidance of the Prime Minister, paving the way for development in the Bodo region.

Shah said he has come to assure you that the Bodo region which was once bloodied, where the people took up arms and kidnappings were rampant, will emerge as the most developed area in a few years. Shah said today both Bodo and non-Bodo are present in this rally, conveying the message that both Bodos and non-Bodos are sons of the soil, children of India and both are striving for peace together. The Union Home Minister said there was a historic agreement under the leadership of the Prime Minister, in which the Government of India would fulfil all oral and written assurances and keep your trust. 

The Union Home Minister said the Prime Minister started ending the unrest not only in Assam but the entire North East and it started with the Bodo Peace Agreement, followed by the Bru-Reang Agreement. Today the era of violence is coming to an end and the era of peace is beginning. Shah also said the Prime Minister has done the work of scrapping Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution from Jammu and Kashmir and in the recent Panchayat elections, police did not have to shoot a single bullet and peaceful polling took place.

Shah said earlier Governments also signed many Agreements but they were not followed, assurances were made but not fulfilled, but now there is this Government of Narendra Modi and the promises which the Prime Minister makes are also fulfilled within its tenure. The Union Home Minister said a number of projects have been initiated for the Bodo region and efforts are being made promptly for their development. Development work for the residents of the Bodo region is being done through various commissions and advisory committees. Shah said an assistance of Rs. 4 lakh has been started for all surrendered militants.