8 Top Features and Benefits of Smart TVs

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Now that you know how to make your spending more economical, take a look at the top features and benefits you get when you buy a smart TV.

Connect your television to the internet

This is essentially the feature that makes your TV ‘smart’. Internet connectivity brought the world to your handheld device and thereby opened up endless possibilities. Similarly, smart TVs use the internet to offer you a variety of services and features that older TVs cannot. Most TVs offer you two modes of connecting to the internet: via an ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. When using the TV’s Ethernet port, you can secure a faster and more stable connection. The Wi-Fi option, on the other hand, is more convenient and is ideal in case your TV is situated at a distance from your router.

Get a better experience with a speedy OS

Smart TV sets come pre-loaded with interactive and intuitive interfaces or operating systems to facilitate ease of use. For example, WebOS is loaded on an LG TV and Android systems on a Haier TV. These interfaces make it easy for you to switch between apps, streaming services, and other options. Some platforms utilise a grid design, while others use a horizontal menu bar. The best part is that often these are fully customisable, and good operating systems go a mile further by offering you suggested content on apps that you use.

Talk to the screen via voice-assisted services

With artificial intelligence systems driving your TV’s software platform, you can communicate with your smart TV and ask it to do things for you. For example, you could command it to, “Switch to BBC news”, or ask it, “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?”, or even tell it to, “Play the Champions League football highlights on YouTube”. Some models like high-end Sony TVs will let you communicate via Google Assistant or Alexa too. This allows you to create an ecosystem of interconnected AI devices within your home.

Stream online videos instantly

This ability to stream videos of your taste and liking makes smart TVs stand apart from conventional TVs that are limited to the programs they receive via dish or cable. You can watch videos through apps or through the browser that your interface provides. Some services are subscription-based like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video. Others can be accessed online for free.

Tap your foot to the latest music

You may have not considered your TV as a viable alternative to a music system, but modern TVs make this a compelling option. Consider the fact that the latest systems, though sleek and thin, come with powerful audio capabilities. Next, consider that a Spotify or an Amazon Prime Music app on your TV gives you access to millions of songs across various styles and genres. All you need to do is sign up for an account!

Enjoy a wide range of apps

Apps on a smart TV are not limited to Netflix and Spotify. You have unlimited options. For example, PlayStation Now lets you play your favourite games on the big screen, TED gives you access to tons of inspirational talks and AccuWeather helps gives you 15-day weather forecasts. From planning your week on a large-screen calendar to turning your home into self-made gym with a fitness app, there’s a lot you can do through the apps you install.

Cast your phone to your TV with ease

Today, many television sets allow you to cast your smartphone content onto your TV screen. For example, a Lloyd TV comes with Any-view Cast as a mirroring option and a Sony TV supports Google Cast. This feature gives you an enhanced viewing and audio experience. Enjoy mobile phone games on a large screen, browse through social media sites more effectively, and even enjoy a big-screen video call with a loved one!

Benefit from the latest in TV technology

Since smart TVs are the newest TV variants in the market, buying one also lets you benefit from other recent features. For instance, you get LED or OLED displays, slim bezels, powerful speakers, and even cameras that can capture you and your friends enjoying the TV experience in your living room! You stand a chance to watch your TV from wider viewing angles, experience enhanced HDR performance, magnificent external make and ergonomic design, improved contrast ratios, and minimal dimming abruptions.

Having considered the top features and benefits you enjoy when you own a smart TV, make your purchase even smarter by bagging customised offers from Bajaj Finserv. To do this, check your pre-approved offer. By simply sharing basic details, you will get instant approval and access to tailor-made deals.