40 lakh names missing in Assam’s final NRC draft

The second and final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam has just been released today (July 30, 2018) following the direction of the country’s Apex Court. The outcome, though may be shocking for the people outside Assam, it seemingly with the line of the indigenous population of the State. If the public discourse is understood, the locals in Assam were always asserting that not less than 30 lakh illegal foreigners (read Bangladeshi nationals) were living in the northeastern State.

As the outcome of the NRC draft in Assam was published on Monday morning (July 30),  around  3.29 crore individuals applied for citizenship certificates, where around 2.89 crore people were identified as nationals with valid papers. The rest of over  40 lakh people were struck off from the final draft. However, they can apply for corrections in the list within a stipulated period.

Need not to be mentioned that anyone whose name is not included in the draft must not term as illegal foreigners as many of them may be genuine Indians having their names in other States of the country.

Moreover, technical errors may also be cited for their names not included in the draft, which would be corrected after due processes.

Meanwhile, Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal terms the release of NRC daft as historic. In an article, sent to the media outlets last evening (July 29),  Sonowal expressed his heartfelt appreciation and thanks to the Supreme Court and congratulations to over 55,000 officials engaged in NRC updating process and the people living across the Barak and Brahmaputra valleys, plains and hills of the State.

“I am confident that the NRC, which has become the instrument to safeguard the interest of greater Assamese society, would be able to create a positive atmosphere and it will also pave the way for realizing the hopes and aspirations of the genuine Indian citizens,” said Sonowal.

He also expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister  Rajnath  Singh for their personal interest shown for preparing an error-free NRC where the names of all genuine Indian citizens would be included.  Apart from providing necessary funds by the Centre for the purpose, the Union home minister took part in discussions with various stakeholders. “After the publication of the first draft of NRC, people cutting across all castes and tribes, religious, linguistic divides residing in both the valleys, plains and hills of the State showed tremendous unity and harmony. I hope that the people will maintain the same harmonious environment after the publication of the complete draft,” he expressed hope.