38 HCS officers in Haryana facing threat to their employment

As many as 38 Haryana Civil Services (HCS) officers joined duty in Haryana state government in 2016 after qualifying entrance examination and interview of HCS Allied Services conducted by Haryana Staff Selection Commission in 2004 when Chautala government was ruling in the state in which 102 applicants were selected but joining letter was issued to only 38 candidates after a period of 12 years due to alleged embezzlements in appointments when a vigilance committee was constituted to investigate irregularities while making appointments by the following Hooda government in the state.

Out of remaining candidates qualified in HCS Allied Services, but failed to get joining letters when moved to the court, which directed ruling BJP government in Haryana state in 2016 to offer employment also to those qualified candidates found innocent by the vigilance committee comprising of IPS officers constituted by the state vigilance bureau and accordingly joining letters were issued to only 38 candidates out of total number of 102 candidates declared successful by Chief Secretary on the basis of vigilance committee report since changes were made illegally in several answer sheets during examination paper.

Meanwhile, 22 candidates declared successful in written test and interview failed to get joining letters challenged the decision by investigation team and moved a writ in the court against government decision for issuing joining letters to only 38 candidates when they have been successful in written test as well a interview demanding either to cancel all appointments or issue them joining letters also.

Information reveals, since appointment of 38 HCS officers was made when Chautala government was ruling in the state and action for vigilance investigation was taken when Hooda government was ruling in Haryana as such present Manohar government has taken decision not to involve their government in this controversy and challenge court’s decision when appointments were made at the time of Chautala government in 2004 and action to offer appointment to 38 candidates was taken by vigilance committee at the time when Hooda government was ruling in the state.

A few days ago, Haryana police busted a racket involved in selling government jobs and arrested three persons including mastermind in the racket Anil Nagar a permanent resident of Rohtak working as Deputy Secretary in Haryana Sewa Commission since past four years and recovered amount worth several crores collected towards bribe during police raid.

Information also reveals mastermind in the racket Anil Nagar was also one among those 38 candidates received joining letter raising a question how a fresh candidate was offered such an important job in Haryana Sewa Commission.