180 Job Fairs under ‘Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yozna’ launched in Haryana

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter launched ‘Antyodaya Parivar Utthan Yozna’ at Chandigarh to increase employment opportunities for youths and increase in income of families below poverty line in Haryana state.

Addressing media persons, Khatter said state government will hold 180 Job Fairs all over in the state jointly under the supervision of Nodal officers of IAS rank and Deputy Commissioner of the district which will help employment or self-employment for youths and also increase income of families below poverty line in Haryana.

Chief Minister said, on the basis of record  of about 67 lakh Family Identification Cards prepared in the state it was identified that nearly 3.25 lakh families in Haryana state have annual income less than rupees one lakh, whereas nearly 38000 families in the state have annual income less than Rs 50000 and there is immediate need  to increase their income to enable them to meet both ends meals for their families and also have sources for their employment as such decision has been taken to hold Job Fairs for three days in every district in the state.  He said, initially government is going to organise Job Fairs in 24 blocks in the first stage to provide assistance in having employment as well as self-employment opportunities to nearly 1.5 lakh families in the state and make available funds through bank to those willing to have self-employment schemes for youths in the family for which state government will stand guarantee.

Meanwhile, Haryana state government’s notification for 75% reservation in jobs of monthly salary up to Rs 30000 for youths belonging to state in private sector has been strongly opposed by the owners of industries in the state and government decision was challenged by  J.N. Mangla of Gurugram Industry Association also admitted by the court. According to industry owners, Haryana state government notification in this regard will be harmful for industry in the state already facing severe economic  crisis since past about two years due to COVID-19 and industry will not be able to get skilled employees, moreover government’s decision is not only unconstitutional but also unjustified as well as un-favourable for brilliant youths in the country  deprived of their rights. Mangla demanded government to roll back the decision as regard 75% reservation in jobs to youths belonging to the state with immediate effect before industry owners start shifting their units to other states and jobs should be offered on the basis of ability and experience of a person.

According to a recent report by ‘Niti Aayog’, Haryana state ranking at 21 st place  in the  country as regard poverty having 12.28% share of families below poverty line ranking behind the the adjoining states Punjab, H.P, and Delhi but better than Uttarjahnd, U.P,  and Rajasthan states. According to report, Families in Mewat district in Haryana state have been identified  economically weaker where 63.18% families have been found below poverty line followed by Palwal district having 26%, Sirsa district having 14%, Bhiwani district having 13.14%, Faridabad district having 13.09%, Rohtak district having 13%, Rewari district having 11.59%, Fatehabad district having 11.2%, Gurugram district having 10.68%,  Hisar district having 9.96%, Jind district having 9.27%, Panipat district having 8.24%, Kaithal district having 7.92%, Sonepat district having 7.16%, Mahindergarh district having 6.76%, Kurukshetra district having 6.42%, , Karnal district having 6.40%,  Jhajjer district having 5.96%, Yamunanagar district having 4.47%, Panchkula having 2.47% population below poverty line in the state.

The report also stated facts as regard health, lifestyle, diet, literacy, death rate, population facing mal-nutrition among children and females in Haryana state. According to report, 32.34% population in the state suffer from mal-nutrition ranking at 13th place in the country. Information also revealed that 2.17% children are reported died every year due to mal-nutrition and 23.8% women in the state are reported unhealthy ranking at 12th place in the country. Information further reveals, 12.67% population in Haryana state is deprived of clean drinking water.